Reserve your Day!

For those parents that have children in kindergarten and are ready to go to first grade; please mark your calendars for our annual graduation. It will be held on Saturday June 24th at 10 am. 


June Birthdays:   

Happy Birthday to:

Amari            June-2

Solomon        June-11

Grace           June-14 

Efrayim        June-19

Elliott           June-25


We would like to remind all the parents that the centre elaborates a daily report for every child where we inform you what has happened throughout the day. Please if you do not find it in the front do not hesitate to ask for it. As well, please sign it or put your initials on it this way we have a way of knowing if you guys have read it and are interested in knowing what has happened in your child or children’s day. For those parents that feel that this is irrelevant and aren’t interested please let us know this way the teachers won’t lose time filling the agendas out.  


For health and safety reasons, the daycare will not accept cakes, cookies or any other food item cooked at home. Everything must be store bought. This way we can keep our children parents and centre safe.



Remember parents that the centre doesn’t close its doors in summer time. It will continue to be open from 7:00 am until 5:30pm. Also, if you decide to take your child out of the daycare please remember that you should give a one month notice or you will have to pay the month even if your child does not assist. All of this is clearly stated in the parents’ handbook that was given to you when you registered your child or children. If you have misplaced or lost your parents’ handbook, please let us know. It will be our pleasure to give you a new manual.

Other Costs!

Any late payments have an extra cost of $30. As well any check that is returned for any circumstance has an extra cost of $40. This affects your personal account as well as ours.


Summer time!


Time to change clothes!

In the summer time, we will have water games every day. We ask that you please send us extra socks, clothes, towels and everything that is necessary to protect them from the heat. For those children that use diapers please remember that there are special diapers to play in the water. As well for those parents that have two children remember to send everything by two and PROPERLY LABELED! And the sunscreen and mosquito repellent should not be in aerosol form.


The 30th of June, we will be hosting our monthly Parent’s Night Out! This is a service offered for our families and their friends that would like to bring their children for a night full of activities, pizza and lots of fun! This has an extra cost and is between 6 and 10 pm.





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