Dear Parents:

We hope that you guys had a great Christmas and a wonderful new year! This 2018, we hope that you achieve all your new goals and objectives. And we will continue to strive to do our best in meeting your expectations this new year!

January Birthdays:  

Happy Birthday to:

Mason L.              January 5

Natalia                 January 20

Reveillle              January 24

Jaxx                       January 27

Drew                     January 28



Accreditation will be coming to the daycare from January 29- February 9. We ask parents to be ready for any interview that they might need.



v  Please remember to pick up your children by 5:30 pm. Remember that each minute after 5:30 pm is $3 extra and this would cover the extra required to cover the staff’s pay. So please remember to be on time!

v  If any of you are interested we offer a direct deposit service through BMO! Just ask Monica for more information!

v  If any of your personal information has changed like address, phone numbers, emergency contacts please remember to update it!

v  For the families that have subsidy, please remember to keep it up to date.